How long will my retirement savings last? – Part 3

How does asset allocation affect duration? Table 2 on the previous post shows the outcomes for effective earning rates ranging from 1% – 10%. The higher the earnings rate, the longer your money could potentially last, so asset allocation can have an important impact on the duration of your retirement savings. Picking an appropriate asset … Continue Reading

How long will my retirement savings last? Part 2

The duration of retirement savings Once you get an idea of how long the money needs to last, the next step is to work out how long your money can potentially last. The table below illustrates, for any particular amount of retirement savings, how long the money might last assuming a constant annual drawdown amount … Continue Reading

Income support for carers

Comparing Carer Payment with Age Pension If you are a carer or have a friend or family member who is a carer and is over age pension age, you should know that you can choose to receive either the carer payment or the age pension. The following table compares the issues that may help you … Continue Reading

How long will my retirement savings last? Part 1

When planning your retirement, the lifestyle you want to achieve is an important consideration and a starting point for setting your long-term wealth creation plans. The sum of money that you can accumulate during your working life will drive how much income you can generate in retirement. This obviously then affects your lifestyle options, especially … Continue Reading

Increases to the Age Pension

01/03/2021 From 20th of March 2021 the fortnightly base rate for the aged pension will rise by $8.40 for singles to $952.70, and by $12.60 for couples to $1,436.20. These rates include Pension Supplement and Energy Supplement which are payable to all pensioners. This may be a small increase for many older Australians but every … Continue Reading

Our offices have reopened!

From Monday 30th of November 2020, our offices will reopen. In the interests of our clients and staff we ask all visitors to our office to please: Do not visit our office if you feel unwell; Wear a mask if required to do so; Register your visit in our Visitors Log; Maintain strict social distancing … Continue Reading

Closed offices due to Stage 4 restrictions

The health of our staff and clients is very important to us, because of this our office will be closed from Monday, 3rd of August 2020 until further notice. Please refer to official government sources for up to date information on this issue. Should you have any queries during this difficult period, please contact our … Continue Reading

Who is Lifespan

Lifespan Financial Planning (AFSL 229892)  remains one of Australia’s largest privately owned adviser networks, with no ownership links whatsoever to any of the banks, fund managers or insurance providers.Lifespan strives to partner with advisers and advice firms to build successful businesses through the provision of quality tailored services and support, financial products and education. Lifespan … Continue Reading